5 Pro Tips On How To Deal With Negative Press Coverage

In the digital world, news travels faster. Negative links, fake news, and negative reviews can overturn months and years of hard work building a great reputation. This becomes problematic when an online search for you or your organization turns up such negative links. Whether the negative press coverage is genuine or fake, it is in your best interest to deal with it and manage the problem well.

How To Clean Up My Google Search Results

When a Google search for you or your organization shows unflattering or negative links, you should have them removed as soon as possible. An online reputation management (ORM) agency can help you negotiate with the person or organization who has posted the content. You can request that they add a no-index tag to the page and remove negative content with keywords related to you. You can remove negative news articles containing false information by proving that it is inappropriate to the person hosting it. If there is a genuine issue being addressed in a review, you should first fix the issue. A digital PR agency can then reach out to the person hosting the page to remove negative reviews about the resolved issue. If the content that has been posted violates the Google terms of service, removing content from Google search results happens automatically.

How To Delete Negative Press Coverages

When a person searches for you and negative press links turn up, it could damage your reputation and lead to lost opportunities. The best answer on how to delete negative press links is to have an ORM agency contact the person hosting the press article. If the press report has factual errors, your agent can prove it to the host and negotiate the removal. And if the content is illegal, you can resort to legal remedies for negative content removal. Sometimes, it is not possible to delete negative links. In this case, the easier option is to use the services of a good digital PR agency to make the negative content harder to find. This is called reverse SEO.

How To Clean Up My Google Reputation With Reverse SEO

Instead of trying to remove negative links from Google search, reverse SEO makes them harder to find. This technique involves promoting and featuring positive content on search engines. Instead of removing negative search results, you suppress negative search results and push them down the search ranking. Most people who use search engines do not go further than the first few pages. So, if your digital PR agent ensures that the first few pages are filled with all the positive things about you, you can bury the negative links in the later pages.

How To Remove Negative Press Links From High Visibility Pages

Social media pages rank very high on search results. This fact can be used to one’s advantage in order to suppress negative press links and media content. You can work with an expert digital PR team to optimize all your social media pages to rank high on searches. Your agency can also expand your social media engagement on as many different platforms as possible. A good PR agency will also curate your posts to be positive and engaging.

How To Suppress Negative Content With Positive Content

You can further relegate negative links to back pages by creating your platform for positive content. An ORM agency can create guaranteed media placement articles with a controlled narrative to help increase positive media exposure and online presence.  A blog that you regularly update with interesting new content will enhance your positive search results. You can also create a website for yourself or your organization and optimize it to rank well on search engines. Posting comments on other pages on the internet under your actual name will also increase your online presence.


The simplest way to remove negative links from google search is to remove them from the first few search result pages. This is achieved by using expert digital PR to put out as many guaranteed media placements and search-optimized positive content as possible. When you highlight good things about you or your organization, it takes the spotlight away from negative content.

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