8 Reading Comprehension Strategies You Can Use In Your Exams

Using the right Reading Comprehension strategies has the potential to help a lot of children. Moving from one material to the next, it’s imperative for them to study the concepts and that can be tricky for their reading level. Which is why it’s crucial to encourage your child to try a variety of Reading Comprehension strategies. These are great, you will find them really easy to focus on and the results speak for themselves. Alternatively, you can request english tuition from a home tuition agency in Singapore  to go through the comprehension questions to make sure the strategies are effective.

Determining the importance

Here you want to focus on the main points seen through the text. As you read those points, you will have a good idea of what the paragraph is about, and that can help a lot. You can use post it notes to write down the relevant stuff.


This is similar, but in this particular case you pick out the main points from the text and summarize it properly. It’s a good system, but it does involve a bit of work and practice.


A student needs to read between the lines to better understand the text. It’s a good strategy that involves critical thinking, but it does work quite well.

Analyzing the text structure

When you use this method, you must understand the way the text was structured and created in the first place. Once you know that, you can analyze everything and receive a much better understanding of how everything is working and what can be improved. You can learn the pattern from existing material.

Activating the background knowledge

You need to use the knowledge you already have on the topic to better understand the topic here, which is actually a pretty good idea. Not only does it work quite nicely, but it will eliminate challenges and make the studying experience better.


With this strategy you must analyze the understanding of the topic and then see what information is new. Since you already have a background on this, you do want to adapt and adjust accordingly for the best results. The system itself sounds great and it will offer some nice ideas, but you still need some trial and error to make it work the way you want.


Try to ask questions and explore the text further. This Reading Comprehension method is very good because it increases the focus and it encourages the child to better understand the text naturally.


By visualizing what’s within the content itself, it’s a lot easier to receive a good analogy and that alone can be well worth the effort. You get an amazing picture of what works and what can be improved, and then you assess the situation wisely.


The Reading Comprehension approach will differ based on the level of your child and how accustomed he is with this type of topic. It does take some time to get accustomed to these things, but once you tackle everything properly, things will be easier. Just try to use these tips and strategies, it will be worth the effort!

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