A Guide to Living and Working in Bangkok

If you have decided to accept that very lucrative 3-year contract to come and work in the Bangkok office with your family, this article was written with you in mind. You will have an amazing experience and to help with the transition, here are a few tips.

  • The Contract of Employment – In order to attract top people to relocate to a foreign country, the package must be attractive; it is normal for the employer to pay for the children’s education, your living accommodation and even provide a vehicle and driver and in some cases, a maid and a gardener too. On top of that large tax-free salary, you should receive top health insurance for the whole family and a 3-year contract in Bangkok does offer the chance to save some serious money. Make sure you are fully aware of what your employer is responsible for and that will ensure there are no conflicts later.
  • Education – Of course, there are top-rated schools, which include this new international school in Bangkok, where your child can continue their British education. Your employer would pay for your child’s education and may even offer an allowance for school uniforms and books.
  • Accommodation – The traffic in Bangkok is known to be awful, so you will be leaving quite close to your new office and your employer would either provide you with a large house, or give you a monthly allowance and you find your own rental property. Most expat families live within a gated residential community, with upmarket houses with large gardens, which is great. When compared to the west, Bangkok has inexpensive property rentals, with many luxury condominium developments and private housing estates.
  • Local Language & Customs – If you want to make the most from your stay in Thailand, you should make an effort to learn the language and a few things about the colourful culture, which the locals will appreciate and treat you warmly. Your boss might even pay for Thai language classes and as you are working with Thai people, this might be regarded as essential. The Thais are very friendly and happy to meet tourists and they are known for their hospitality.

Of course, this experience will involve a new climate, language and cuisine, and Bangkok has always been regarded as a top posting for many reasons. Do some online research about Thailand, which will prepare you for the unique experience that comes with living and working in Bangkok, Thailand.

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