Get To Know Everything About The University Of Manitoba

Are you planning to study at the University of Manitoba? You’re at the right place. Manitoba is perfect to start your career. The University of Manitoba is located in Manitoba and is one of the most sought-after Canada’s universities. It was established in 1877, and it offers the largest range of study programs, professional and graduate programs.

The biggest things about this university are its location and university of Manitoba residence. If you have done some survey, you probably know that it is a widely wanted Canadian province for a student in Manitoba. Thanks to its multiple offerings, some of them are here:

  • Culture
  • Festivals
  • Northern Lights
  • Astonishing winter activities
  • Stunning scenery with more than 100,000 scenic lakes
  • The greatest amounts of sunshine in Canada

Tuition Fees

Studying at the University of Manitoba is very inexpensive particularly when opposed to studying in America. A Canadian student’s cumulative tuition would be $4,400 per year. The international student’s fee is around $14,700 per year.  However, you should remember that this fee only covers the tuition fee. They do not cover other expenses of goods, medical insurance, sports, parking pass, recreational fees, and student residence in Manitoba. There are several variables to remember while estimating studying costs at the University of Manitoba. It may include residency, lifestyle, your selected program, and living accommodation.

Cost of Living in Manitoba

Manitoba’s economy is one of the strongest economies in Canada. The city has a low living cost and lots of untapped opportunities for industry, careers, and schooling. The great thing about living here is free public health services, which deliver high-quality programs and accept migrants. Also, you should note that Manitoba is a multilingual region. More than 200 languages are spoken here. For a student, the monthly expenses vary from $800 and $1,000.

Admission Requirements

The first prerequisite is for you to be fluent in English when you want to get enrolled at the University of Manitoba. Secondly, you have to meet the general entrance requirements whether it is for country or course of study. For example, if you are a Nigerian student, you should be eligible to apply with a (GCE/WAEC) O-level for undergraduate study. A decent undergraduate degree with a minimum second class would be expected when you are interested in graduate school. You must choose a supervisor before applying for a particular research program.

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