The Digital Landscape Of College Search

Many parents approaching the college search process alongside their children will notice that the search is done much differently today than it was in the past. Parents may have still expected the pamphlets and open houses that they were once accustomed to but are surprised to be met by video content and virtual breakdowns of curriculum shown to them by their children. It goes deeper than that as well for most of Generation Z, as their world has almost been entirely digital since the day they were born. Which only lays credence to the idea that these children rely on online sources of information and content for college searches. With most of these institutions adjusting their offerings accordingly as a result of the pandemic, it’s never been easier to be swept up in the digital landscape of college searches. In order to continue innovating how these institutions have, however, plenty of research and development must be done. For more information on the ways in which institutions are approaching their recruitment processes and how students are navigating the college search process digitally, please see the resource included alongside this post.

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